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Existing Clients
If you are already a client of PSYCHmatters, you can make an online booking using HealthKit, our practice software. Simply click the HealthKit button next to your psychologist's name and this will take you to your psychologist's HealthKit page. Click on the "book now" button at the top of the page and enter in the date you would like for your appointment (please make sure you have the correct location as many of our practitioners work at multiple locations).  HealthKit will propose a couple of days and times for you. If none of those suit, choose another day for more options. Click "book now" when you are happy with the proposed date and time and you will be asked to provide your details to make the appointment. 

Before the booking is finalised, you will be sent a verification code by text message which you must enter. If the verification code is entered correctly, the booking is sent to us and you will receive an email confirmation of your appointment. You can ask HealthKit to resend the verification code if you make a mistake. If your name, email address and phone number match your profile in our software, then you will only need to do this verification step the first time you use online bookings. If, for some reason we have spelt your name incorrectly in our records, please let us know so we can fix your record. If your name, email and phone number do not match one of our records, you will be asked to verify each time you send an online booking request. This will probably be because we may have spelt your name incorrectly in our records, please let us know so we can fix your record and you will not be asked for verification again. 

New Clients

If you are a new client, could you please complete the form below. You will receive a confirmation email and we will respond as soon as possible to ascertain which of our psychologists would be best suited to you. 

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